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Finding Amazon promo codes is a great way to save money when you are shopping online, but you really need to take the time to understand exactly what the site has to offer before you get the codes. This will help you see how you can save and what types of things you can get. The site has changed dramatically over the years; if you were introduced to Amazon a decade ago, you might not even recognize it today. It is now more versatile and useful than it has ever been before.

The company is based out of Seattle, Washington, which is where they have their main offices. There are also nearby warehouses with stock items. However, since Amazon is strictly an online retailer, you cannot go to a physical store to make your purchases. Due to their expansion, the company also has warehouses all around the United States, working with logistics companies to make shipping streamlined and efficient. Everything that you buy is not shipped out of Washington, but out of the nearest local hub with that item in stock. This reduces shipping times dramatically, even if you choose the free shipping option that is available on many items.

When it started in 1994, the company was actually called Cadabra. However, the name was changed the following year, in 1995, and already had the name Amazon when it shifted to an online presence. This was just as the Internet was starting to become popular in everyday life, so Amazon was one of the first companies to really cash in on this new way of selling to consumers all around the country. As the Internet changed over the next few decades, the site changed to stay relevant, and it is now one of the most frequently used sites in the world. There are separate sites for foreign countries, such as France and Canada, but they are all owned and operated by the umbrella company out of Seattle.

In the early days, the Amazon promo codes would only have been able to get you the latest novels or non-fction releases. The site was strictly an online bookseller. This was before the rise of ebooks, so they traded in physical copies of new and used books that were stored in warehouses and shipped out when they were ordered. However, changes came quickly as the remote book-selling showed itself as a success, and the company began selling videos, CDs, video games and other type of entertainment. As it continued to grow, it took on apparel and even non-perishable foods, among many other things.

Today, you could use Amazon promo codes to get almost anything that you can imagine. The site sells everything from new laptops to dress shoes. The most recent changes have been in the realm of digital downloads. You can download video games, songs, albums and ebooks instantly. With increasing Internet speeds, downloading media is growing rapidly to rival the selling and shipping of the same physical items, and Amazon is a leader in the industry.

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